Tungsten Beads


Tungsten Beads

  • Tungsten Beads have large 6mm bead heads
  • tungsten
  • extreme durable finish
  • Tungsten Beads have a 2mm hole
  • large recess
  • orange or pink
  • Our Tungsten Beads come 10 per pack
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Tungsten Beads

Large tungsten beads are hard to find. The reason is that most people use them for trout fishing. For steelhead and salmon flies we need larger beads. Our beads are 6mm; a perfect size for steelhead flies that imitate salmon eggs.

These are quality tungsten beads, manufactured in Europe. The triple layer paint finish on these beads is extremely durable so you don't have the annoying chipped paint head after half a day of fishing that causes your orange head to change to a brass coloured head...  The beads are recessed slightly larger than average to help cover larger head finishes. The beads are the perfect size for salmon egg replication and steelhead patterns; 6mm.

The centre hole is 2mm, which accommodates our 1.8mm tubes. Ideal for use in patterns that need to go down quick in fast pocket water, or if you want to reach deep water further out. Our Bulkley Bandit utilizes this bead and is designed to be used in slow flowing winter holding water on a floating line and a long leader. This rigging will keep the needed swing speed while reaching deep lies.

For this type of winter fishing simply rig up with a floating line and a long leader, at least 15'. Cast your line slighly upstream, utilizing a double spey cast. Keep your rod high and keep the tension of the fly as much as you can, to allow the fly to sink. When the fly starts to swing try to slow it down a bit initially, and after the fly slows down too much lead the fly line into the shore with your rod. This will maintain the swing through the complete lie.

Our 6mm Tungsten Beads are available in pink and orange. 10 per pack.

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm

orange, pink

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