Cone Heads 3.2 mm Hole


– top quality cone heads
– will fit our 3mm plastic tubes
– brass
– extremely durable paint finish
– 10 per pack
– silver/orange/pink/chartreuse

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We had these cone heads specifically manufactured for us to fit our 3.0 mm tubes. By using the cone directly on the 3.0 mm tube the resulting pattern becomes much stronger then cones placed on a 1.8 mm tube. It also allows you to speed up the tying process by omitting the insertion of a smaller tube into a bigger tube. Our Runners are a good example of how this cone is used; you can see them here. These are high quality, brass machined cones, with an extremely durable paint finish. Available in a range of the most popular colours. 10 per pack.

Additional information

Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 0.05 cm

Chartreuse, Orange, Pink, Silver

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