1.8mm Plastic Tubes


  • 1.8mm plastic tube
  • semi-rigid
  • fits our beads, metal tubes, 3mm plastic tubes and cones
  • 10-pack of 20cm (8″) lengths
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 The basis of our tube system consists of 1.8mm semi-rigid plastic tubes. These tubes are designed to be used inside our 3mm tubes or as a liner inside our copper tubes. Although many tiers do tie on these tubes directly, they are not intended for that, and may fail over time. A much better approach is to use the 1.8mm tube as a liner and let it stick out of the front of the 3mm tube so a small head can be created. For more info on this please see our videos and articles on this.

1.8mm Plastic Tubes are a great economical platform to tie on. They are available in a wide range of colours, or they can be covered with body material. Try Pearl Tinsel for a great vibrant body colour.

The tubes are semi-rigid, which makes it easy to tie on them without compressing them. If you are looking for a tube that will see a lot of stress, like fly designs with cone heads, then we suggest our Tough Tubes.

The tubes are sold in 10-packs with tube lengths of 20 cm (8").

Additional information

Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 0.03 cm

Assorted, Black, Blue, Chartreuse Green, Chartreuse Yellow, Clear, Deep Chartreuse, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Salmon, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple

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