Jaap Kalkman Signature Series Steelhead Flies


– The ultimate fly collection for Skeena drainage steelhead
– Developed by long-time Bulkley guide Jaap Kalkman
– Highest quality material and ties
– Set: Tube Leech (blue, pink and black), Steelhead Single Egg, Bulkley Bandit, Formula 1, Egg-sucking Rhea Stinger, Pink Rhea Stinger, Seeker (low light and bright light), Destroyer (low light and bright light)

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I have fished and guided the Skeena system for the last 30 years, quite intensely. Over those years I have fine-tuned the flies that I use for the various tributaries of the Skeena. The flies that are part of my signature series are my "bread-and -butter" flies. They have stood the test of time and are reliable producers. With this set of flies I would be confident to fish a full season on the Skeena and it's tributaries. Many of the flies are relatively simple patterns. No fancy "extras" to appeal to the consumer, just simple, solidly tied flies, with the best materials available, you will not find a better quality fly.  For more information on how these flies are tied and how, when and where I fish them please refer to my blog article here.

* NOTE: all tube flies come without a hook. We suggest a straight eye, off-set bait style hook, for connected rigging. For looped riggings we suggest a 45 degree up-eye, bait style hook, off-set, such as a Partridge Patriot Intruder hook. For dry flies we suggest the Partridge Patriot Stinger, inserted up-side-down.

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Bulkley Bandit, Destroyer Bright Light, Destroyer Low Light, Egg Sucking Rhea Stinger, Formula 1, Pink Rhea Stinger, Seeker Bright Light, Seeker Low Light, Steelhead Single Egg, Tube Leech Black, Tube Leech Blue, Tube Leech Pink, Full Set of Flies

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