Teal Flank Feathers


Teal Flank Feathers

– Large and Regular sizes
– Great for bigger patterns
– 15 per pack
– some variability in barring and size


We have sourced some large Teal Flank Feathers. The species of Teal that we use is one of the bigger birds in the Teal family and has larger feathers. We have hand-selected the feathers into two variations: large and regular. The large feathers are big enough to tie large Spey patterns or Intruders. Teal have stronger barring than Mallard Flank Feathers, our Teal variety has this barring but it is not quite as distinctive as the "standard" Teal, it's the down-size of having large feathers. However, the barring is still quite distinct and looks very similar to the smaller variety.

Teal Flank Feathers are great for adding a “buggy” appearance to a fly. Commonly used in trout wet flies, Cahill style dry flies, Classic Atlantic salmon flies and Steelhead flies.  You can add them as a collar to many steelhead patterns. Up north here in Smithers we also fish salmon fry patterns for trout in the spring. Teal is a nice material to create the back of the fly pattern. All in all a very versatile feather. We hand select these feathers and there are 15 feathers in a pack.

Our Teal Flank Feathers come in 3 colours: Natural, Pink and Blue. The Pink variation is a light baby Pink to allow the barring to stand out, very "shrimpy"! The Blue variation is a light Kingfisher Blue, again, to make the barring stand out. A beautiful feather for many of our steelhead designs and great in the wings of Intruders. All the dying is done here in Smithers and meticulously tuned to get just the right colour variety.

In order to provide you with the correct size we have two size variations available; large, for Intruders, bigger steelhead patterns, Spey designs, Intruders and Atlantic salmon patterns, and standard for small Steelhead and Atlantic salmon patterns and all trout wet fly and dry fly applications. The large ones are approximately 2” and the small approximately 1” long. In the product image the feather in the back is a large feather and the feather in the front is a small feather. There will be some variability within each pack, both in barring and size.


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Standard, Large


Blue, Natural, Pink

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