Heron Feathers – Large Premium


Heron Feathers Large

– Heron feathers are Premium Quality
– 5 per pack for dyed feathers/10 per pack for the natural colour
– Heron Feathers Dyed Over Natural(DON) for a more subdued colour
– Heron Feathers Dyed Over White (DOW) for brighter colours
– Feathers vary in size between 10″ and 5″
– Excellent material for very big classic patterns, large Intruders or squid and prawn patterns

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Heron Feathers - Premium Large

If you are looking to tie large classic Spey salmon patterns Heron feathers are considered a must. Our Large Grey Heron feathers are beautiful heron feathers between 4” and 8”. They are suitable for very big Spey flies, big "leggy" shrimp, prawn or squid patterns, and big Intruder style flies. We use them also for tying some of the big prawn patterns for "Tapam" tarpon. They are ideal for very big patterns and for tying on big tubes.

Heron feathers have a flexible quality to them that is not found in heron replacements. This makes heron such a unique and sought after material. The side fibres of the feathers retain volume and move and vibrate in the current, making the fly come alive. The hackle stem for Heron feathers flattens when you wind it around the hook shank or tube, minimizing bulky build-up.

When tying with heron the best way to create the legs is by starting palmer the feather around the shank, then moisten your fingers and stroke all the fibres downward, below the shank. This will create the nice leggy look that Spey flies have. Secure it with one turn of the thread.

Large Heron feathers are available in "Natural", "Dyed-Over-Natural (DON)" and "Dyed-Over-White (DOW)". The “Natural” feathers are grey. We have spent much time perfecting the dyeing process for these feathers. The DON feathers are more drab coloured and have a more natural subdued look to them. The are very nice for realistic patterns and some of the classics. If you want vibrant, bright colours then the DOW feathers are perfect.

5 per pack for the dyed feathers, 10 per pack for the natural grey feathers Feather size varies from 5" to 9".


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Dyed Over Natural, Dyed Over White, Natural


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