Indian Rooster Neck


Indian Rooster Neck

  • Great Value Rooster Neck feathers
  • For FNS, Dry Flies, Deceivers, etc.
  • Type of Rooster Neck: White & Badger
  • Available in: Black, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow

These Rooster Neck feathers are great for feather tails on Deceiver design types and FNS hackles. All of our rooster neck feathers are custom dyed by Skeena River Fly Supply. Questions? Be sure to email us today!

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Indian Rooster Neck

  • Great Value Rooster Neck feathers
  • for FNS, dry flies, Deceivers, etc.
  • types: white, badger
  • colours: black, fuchsia, orange, green, yellow, red, purple

Our Rooster Necks have very sturdy stems and side-fibres. These durable feathers make them particularly suitable for applications where the feather is exposed to a lot of wear. We like to use them for the hackle on our Franc 'n Snaelda flies, and any other design where the hackle vibrates against a cone or bead. When the hackle vibrates against the cone, even with smooth cone edges, hen hackles tend to wear through over time. Indian Rooster hackles are more durable for this application.

Besides the use for Franc 'n Snaeldas, Indian Rooster Necks are a great economic solution for a wide variety of fly tying needs. They are nice for full feather tails on Deceiver type designs up to 4-5” or so. They are ideal for use for stripped hackle stems. For larger dry flies (approx. #14 and up), like Bombers or bigger trout flies. All in all Indian Rooster Necks are a great value for a wide range of fly tying applications.

We custom dye all our Indian Rooster Necks. We dye two types of Rooster hackle; white and badger. The badger hackle has a grey to black centre of the feather. Great for ties that need a darker core with lighter, coloured tips. Note that the centre “badger” on Indian Rooster Necks can vary in colour from grey to black. Both have their purpose. Most of our Indian Rooster Necks are black. If you specifically want black or grey, please leave us a message with your order so we can select the correct neck for you.

For colours we produce the following: black, orange (standard orange), fuchsia (a deep pink, steelhead love it!), purple, red, yellow, green.

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Badger Green, Badger Orange, Badger Pink, Badger Purple, Badger Red, Badger Yellow, Black, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


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