Guinea Fowl Bulk Pack


Guinea Fowl Bulk Pack

– economic Guinea Fowl bulk pack
– standard sized Guinea Fowl Bulk feathers
– great for trout flies, steelhead and salmon flies sizes 2 and down, Intruder support hackle
– dyed in house by SRFS for perfect “fishy” colours
– Guinea Fowl Pack Colours: Orange, Pink, Natural, Purple, Kingfisher Blue, Chartreuse

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Guinea Fowl Bulk Feathers

Standard sized Guinea Fowl feathers in an economical bulk pack (6” x 4.5”) with approx. 100 feathers. Guinea Fowl feathers are a fairly sturdy feather, which makes them ideal for use as a support feather, for hairwings, Intruder wings or under-hackle. A good example is the Hobo Spey , where the palmered Guinea hackle functions as a support for the soft marabou wing.

Our bulk packs are a nice economical option for fly designs that are not too big. Steelhead and salmon hook sizes #2 and smaller, and trout flies. For large flies (#1 and up), our XL Guinea fowl feathers are a better option. There will be variation in the size of the feathers, but in general you will get more usable feathers out of our bulk packs than comparably priced stringed packs.

All our Guinea Fowl feathers are dyed here at SRFS. This means that we can fine-tune the colours to suit fishing needs, rather than buying generically dyed feathers. Our blue is a popular Kingfisher Blue, our orange is a nice crustacean shade of orange, our purple is kept fairly light to keep the contrast with the black dots, and our red is a neutral blood red to mimic gills. The red Guinea Fowl feathers are used in our Nutria Sculpin Munker

For a video on how to tie the Hobo Spey:
For an article on how to tie the Nutria Sculpin Munker:

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Chartreuse, Kingfisher Blue, Natural, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red


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