Rhea Feathers


Rhea Feathers

– Rhea Feathers are Top quality
– Vibrant colours
– 18″-24″long
– Rhea Feathers are Dyed over natural (DON) or dyed over white (DOW)

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Rhea Feathers

These are the best Rhea feathers that we have been able to find. Imported from the United States. Feathers are 18" to 24" long. Perfect for "leggy" patterns like shrimp, Intruders, squid, etc.

Our Rhea is available in a variety of colours. They are either dyed over the natural grey feather (DON), or dyed over white (DOW). If you need a more natural subdued look for your pattern the DON colours are great. If you are looking for very bright colours choose the DOW.

We have two grades of Rhea Feathers; A and B. Grade A is the best grade that we are able to find. When we source our rhea we ask for Grade A only. However, not all the feathers that we receive make our qualification for Grade A. Those feathers become our Grade B feathers. They are usually shorter, with shorter side fibres and have more barbules on the fibres. They are a good choice for patterns that are a bit smaller, around 3".  Keep in mind that within our two grades there still will be some variation in quality. If you are not sure as to what to get, or are looking for something specific please contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you.

We custom dye all our feathers to achieve the exact colours that are most effective. We dye two variations of purple; one is a standard purple, which has a slight violet hue to it, our other purple has a more reddish hue to it and is labeled as "Skeena Purple".

* Note: The white Rhea feathers may have some patches of grey/brown in them.

** Note: Until further notice; NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE CANADA.

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Baby Pink, Black, Blue, Brown, Chartreuse, Claret, Crustacean, Fluo Flamingo, Hot Golden Olive, Hot Orange, Kingfisher Blue, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Peach Orange, Pink, Plum, Purple, Sea Foam, Silver Doctor Blue, Skeena Purple, White, Yellow

Dyed Over Natural or Dyed Over White


Grade A/B

A, B

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