Heron Feathers Medium


Heron Feathers Medium

– Premium Heron Feathers
– Feathers are 4-7″ approximately
– Custom Dyed
– Choose: Dyed-Over-Natural/Dyed-Over-White/Natural Brown/Natural Grey
– Our Heron Feathers come in 10 per pack

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Heron Feathers Medium

These premium heron feathers vary in size between 4" and 7". If you are looking for a particular size we suggest that you contact us so we can make sure that you receive the correct size of feather for your purpose.

There is nothing like heron for a nice looking Spey fly. The fibres have just the right amount of flexibility to move well, and do not collapse. The stem of heron feathers is also very nice because it flattens when palmering it around the shank. This is great to keep bulk down and obtain nice small heads. For best results tie heron feathers in by the base; this creates a nice taper to the fly.

We custom dye these feathers. They are available in "Dyed-Over-White"  (DOW), "Dyed-Over-Natural" (DON), or un-dyed Natural. The DOW feathers are feathers from a white heron species that is abundant and can be exported to the USA. The natural brown feathers are also from a species of heron that is abundant and can be exported to the USA. The natural grey feathers are from Grey Herons and cannot be exported to the USA. In selecting the right heron feather for your purpose there are a number of considerations. For bright colours the best option is the DOW variety. For more subdued, natural colours, the DON feathers are the best choice. For a classic un-dyed look go with either the Natural Grey or Natural Brown.

The medium feathers are the best feathers for traditional spey flies on hooks. The feathers are suitable for classic salmon hooks sizes 6 till 1/0. 10 per pack.

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Dyed Over or Natural

Dyed Over White (DOW), Dyed Over Natural (DON), Natural


Black, Blonde, Brown, Chartreuse, Cranberry, Crimson, Crustacean Orange, Fiery Brown, Ginger, Grey, Highlander Green, Kingfisher Blue, Mustard, Natural, Olive, Orange, Pink, Plum, Pumpkin, Purple, Red, Shrimp Pink, Yellow


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