Aluminum-Brass Beads


– Brass or Aluminum Bead Heads
– Gold, pink, orange, chartreuse
– 3.1mm hole to fit on 3mm tubes
– 6.25mm outside
– Painted with extremely tough paint for durability
– Recessed for a nicer finished look on the fly

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These are no ordinary beads. Our Aluminum and Brass Beads are specifically manufactured for us with a 3.2mm hole so that they will fit our 3mm tubes. The benefit is that it is much stronger and makes tying simpler. Anybody who fishes a lot knows that the 1.8mm tubes can have a tendency to break at the front junction. The only reason for the smaller inner tube is to create less bulk for finishing the heads of tube flies. This is not an issue with large hole cone heads or beads that fit directly on a 3mm tube.

The large whole eliminates the extra step of inserting a 1.8mm tube into the 3mm tube. The end result is that using these 3.1mm hole beads is stronger, faster and more economic.

Our cones and beads are produced specifically for us in Europe. We use a double painting process that is extremely tough so your beads won't be all chipped after a morning of fishing. Available in gold, pink, chartreuse and orange.

Beads also are a great replacement for dubbing balls on Intruder style flies. The solid bead creates a great structure to prop materials agains for maximum flare and action in the water. We use these beads very often, usually behind the wing, in patterns like our Runners and King's Candy.

Aluminum - Brass Beads are available in brass for weighted flies and aluminum for non-weighted flies.

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Weight 0.004 kg
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 0.05 cm

Chartreuse, Gold, Orange, Pink

Brass or Aluminum

Brass, Aluminum

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