– Novel concept pattern
– Tied on tubes
– With 3.2 mm high quality cone head
– Tied with Snow Runner brushes
– Excellent movement and volume in water
– Low air resistance for easy casting
– Available in proven effective colours for west-coast and BC steelhead and Chinook.

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This series of flies is based on our new Snowrunner (Nayat) brushes. This material allows for a beautiful tear drop shaped wing with good translucency and excellent shape retention and mobility in the water. The sparse amount of materials makes for a fly that casts easy, yet has a big profile. We have designed the "Runners" on our 3mm tubes in combination with our 3.2mm cone heads. This makes for a nearly indestructible fly. "Runners" are available in colour combinations that have proven effective for west-coast Steelhead and Chinook Salmon. We have left the tubes fairly long so that you can either insert a straight eyed hook directly into the 3mm tube, or you can shorten the tube a bit and fish a free swinging hook. Both methods work well and create solid hook ups. All Runners are tied expertly to our exacting standards. While designed initially for Steelhead, Runners have proven very effective for Chinook. It is a great all-round pattern that is very durable and can be adapted for use on many species. Here is a Youtube video on how to tie the Runner.

* NOTE: all tube flies come without a hook. We suggest a straight eye, off-set bait style hook, for connected rigging. For looped riggings we suggest a 45 degree up-eye, bait style hook, off-set, such as a Partridge Patriot Intruder hook. For dry flies we suggest the Partridge Patriot Stinger, inserted up-side-down.

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Blue, Black, Crustacean, Orange Pink

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