Marble Fox (Tail)


Marble Fox

– Marble Fox Tail
– Top Quality Fur
– Best material for general Hair Wing patterns
– This Fox Fur Holds volume well in the current

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Marble Fox Tail

Marble Fox is the best material we have found for hair wing flies. It is slightly longer then Arctic Fox and has a slight crinkle to it so that it holds its volume better in the current. Unfortunately Marble Fox is becoming increasingly difficult to find. We are lucky to have a good supplier of some of the best Marble Fox that we have seen. We have a good supply of great custom colours, including our custom "Skeena Hot Purple". We have discontinued black Marble fox. The reason is that Marble fox is difficult to dye in dark colours. Especially black. It results in a lot of waste. For black we suggest Silver fox for bigger patterns and Arctic fox for smaller patterns.

Marble Fox is a great material for hair wings and is especially good to build up volume. This means that it is well suited for under-wing applications. A great way to build up a nice fox wing is to start with a reversed tie of a bunch of Marble Fox. Tie it in with the tips facing forward, then fold the hair back and tie a thread bump against the hair at the tie-in point. The hair will stand up and it will look strange. That's how it should look. Next tie in a longer wing. This wing can be soft to produce lots of action. Silver Fox is a good material for this step. Tie the Silver fox in against the Marble fox in the normal way. This will bring the Marble fox down. Now things should look more normal. As a final piece you can tie in a short wing of soft material to create a more pronounced front part of the wing. Arctic fox is good for this. Keep it at 1/3rd of the length of the second wing and keep the material sparse. This way of building up a wing results in a very nice wing that moves great in the water and retains volume.

Our Marble fox pieces are cut thicker then most and you will find that one piece goes a long way. Remember that a little goes a long way when it comes to this material, the slight crinkle in the hair gives it volume. Good quality fly tying materials are key to a good looking and performing fly. If you are looking for the best winging material out there, this is it! For more information on Fox fur go here.

Note: Until further notice, not available outside Canada

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Weight 0.009 kg
Dimensions 19 × 10 × 2 cm

Aqua, Black, Blue, Burnt Orange, Chartreuse Green, Fiery Brown, Fluo Yellow, Green, Kingfisher Blue, Light Grey, Medium Olive, Midnight Blue, Natural White, Orange, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Shrimp Pink, Silver Doctor Blue, Skeena Purple, Sunburst Yellow, UV Chartreuse, UV Yellow, Yellow

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