Nutria Zonker Strips


Zonker Strips – Nutria Strips

– Available in Crosscut or Lengthwise
– Premium quality Zonker Strips from premium quality pelts
– Long guard hair
– Water resistant; makes for easier casting flies
– Nutria strips are approx. 1Foot long (Crosscut), 1.5 foot long (Lengthwise)
– 4 strips per pack (Crosscut), 3 strips per pack (Lengthwise)

IMPORTANT: Currently these are only in available in Canada for sale and shipping.

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Nutria are a common water rodent with water repellent fur. The guard hairs are long and the underfur is soft and dense. The guard hairs have a regressed taper and are flexible but not soft. This makes for an ideal leggy appearance which is suitable for a wide variety of applications. We produce the zonker strips in crosscut and lengthwise variations.

The crosscut is great for flies that require palmered leggy designs, like shrimp patterns. The crosscut is also great for any collar application or under-collar, giving designs like Intruders nice volume and wing support.

The lengthwise cut is good for any of the classic zonker wing applications. Munkers and Sculpin immitations are perfect for Nutria zonker wings as well. The material is water repellant with a thin hide which makes flies tied with Nutria wings much easier to cast and lift then rabbit strip based flies.

For the creative fly tier this relatively new material opens many possibilities. Happy Tying!

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Black, Brown, Chartreuse, Grizzly, Hot Orange, Light Brown, Light Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Shell Pink, Silver Doctor Blue

Cut Style

Crosscut, Lengthwise

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