Snow Runner Brushes (Nayat)


Snow Runner Brushes (Nayat)

– 12″
– Width: short (approx. 3″), medium (approx. 4″), long (approx. 5.5″)
– Ideal for baitfish patterns, collars, wing supports
– Create extremely light flies with big 3D shape
– 1 per pack
– Brilliant colours

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Snowrunner (Nayat) is a great new natural wing material. We particularly like to use it in brushes. The Snowrunner makes the fibres stand out at a 90 degree angle which helps create patterns that retain volume while using materials sparsely. Snowrunner brushes are laborious to make and it takes some trial and error to get uniform, nice, tight brushes. For those of you who want to skip the step of making your own brush we have produced ready to go brushes. Our Snowrunner (Nayat) brushes come in three widths; 2.5 - 3"(short), 3.5 - 4" (medium), and 5 - 6" (long). The short brush is good for smaller patterns, like the Runner, Intruder wings and smaller baitfish designs from 2.5" to 4". Our King's Candy flies are made with these brushes, great for sardine and anchovy imitations, Zander and Perch flies, etc.. The medium brushes are good for larger baitfish designs; GT, Roosterfish, Golden Dorado, Mahi Mahi, Smaller Pike Flies, Stripers, etc. The large size is great for big flies for trophy fish; (Musky, Northern Pike, large saltwater designs for Roosters, GT, Tarpon, Billfish, etc.) Our Snowrunner Brushes are perfect for baitfish patterns. The natural white is in our opinion the very best fibre available for saltwater baitfish patterns. When tying with these brushes a little bit goes a long way. To create a body take 2 to 3 turns and you will have a sparse body with great 3D volume that is retained in the water, yet slims down when casting. These long fibres also lend themselves well for Chinook Salmon patterns like the King's Candy  and for larger steelhead patterns like our Runners. It is also one of the best materials for large Muskie and Pike flies.  The brushes are 12" long and there is one brush per pack. Watch a video on the use of Snowrunner brushes here.

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Black, Bright Yellow, Chartreuse, Kelly Green, Kingfisher Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Purple/Black, Red, Red/Black, Silver, White, Yellow

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