Silver Fox


Silver Fox

– Top Quality
– Body Fur, Tail Pieces or Mask
– Great for a wide range of applications

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TAIL PIECES: Silver Fox is an interesting material. It is not widely used with fly tiers, compared to Arctic Fox. However, it is very similar in structure and longer. Maybe the fact that the tips of the natural Silver Fox guard hair are black makes this material less popular; it does not allow for solid, uniform colouring. On the other hand, the even transformation into a black tip of the wing, that is achieved with Silver Fox, is appealing to others. On average Silver Fox tail has slightly longer hair then Arctic Fox tail. Personally I quite like the look of hair wings that utilize Silver Fox. Particularly for patterns that imitate bait fish it is hard to beat. I use it as an over-wing with a solid colour Arctic or Marble Fox underneath. This results in a very natural looking pattern. Give this great material a try, you will like it. For more information on Fox fur go here.

MASKS: Masks are the best choice for smaller flies. Great for small Atlantic hair wing patterns, trout flies or small saltwater patterns. The grizzly look of the fur is perfect for many natural looking imitations for saltwater and trout, or small Atlantic salmon hair wings.

BODY FUR: Silver Fox body fur has hair lengths between 2" and 4".  All hair is black tipped, and has a grizzly barring which has a great look for natural imitations. It is the softest of all fox hairs. Pieces are 4 square inches.

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Weight 0.004 kg
Dimensions 9 × 10 × 4 cm

Black, Bright Yellow, Chartreuse Green, Chartreuse Yellow, Fiery Brown, Fluorescent Pink, Golden Olive, Golden Yellow, Highlander Green, Kingfisher Blue, Natural, Olive, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Skeena Purple

Tail Piece or Body Fur

Tail Piece, Body Fur, Mask

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