Coyote Body Hair, Masks, & Tail Pieces

– Coyote body fur
– Coyote masks, tail pieces
– Large 12 square inch body fur pieces
– Top quality north Canadian winter fur
– Excellent material for hair wings, under wings
– Great for many patterns that require a natural colour hair, like salt water crustacean patterns

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Coyote Body Fur, Masks, Tail Pieces

COYOTE BODY FUR: This is excellent quality north Canadian Coyote winter fur, selected for uniformity in colour.  Very different from Southern and Eastern Coyote, this Northern Winter fur is garment grade quality; lush, long, thick variegated hair. Coyote hair that has a slight crinkle to it so that it retains volume in the water. Great natural shades for use in saltwater patterns. The leather on these is very thin and therefore not suitable as a zonked application. Great for wings and buggy leg applications.

MASKS: Mask hair is ideal for smaller flies, like Crazy Charlies, Gotcha's and small Atlantic hair wing patterns.

TAIL PIECES: Coyote Tail is the coarsest hair amongst the "fox-type" tails that we sell. It is a very good type of hair for bigger flies, and under-wings, that need to retain volume while using a sparse amount of material. Available in tail rings. It is usually longer than Arctic Fox. Similar in length to Marble Fox, but a bit courser. The natural colours are very nice for saltwater patterns.

* Note: The "natural" colour can vary significantly between pieces and pelts. If you have a very specific colour in mind please contact us.

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*** Note: Until further notice; NOT FOR SALE OUTSIDE CANADA!




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Body Fur, Tail Piece, Mask

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