Baby Peacock Series


Baby Peacock Bass Flies

– Custom Flies by Jaap Kalkman
– Partridge Predator Hooks size 4/0
– approx. 7″ long
– slightly weighted for correct balance
– tab eyes
– made with Snowrunner (Nayat) brush
– designed for big Peacock Bass
– Baby Peacock Series available on pre-order only

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Baby Peacock Series; since the introduction of our Tapam Special and King's Candy baitfish flies there has been a steady increase in fly tiers that tie their bait fish flies in this fashion, utilizing Snowrunner (Nayat) brushes.

We are continuing to expand on these types of flies that have proven to be very effective, durable, easy casting flies. We believe these patterns are so good that they will be the new standard, replacing buck tail and synthetic patterns. Our new Baby Peacock Series consists of colour variations that are popular for Peacock Bass.

They are tied on size 3/0 and 4/0 high quality Partridge Predator hooks. All the patterns are slightly weighted to optimize weight to fly volume for casting, and help correct tracking in the water. This attention to small details may not be obvious at first glance but when you feel how well these big patterns cast and see how stable they track you will appreciate these details.

The Baby Peacock flies are big flies that target large Peacock Bass.

Available by pre-order only. All custom flies are tied by Jaap Kalkman, here in Smithers, BC. There may be some minor variation from the image because these flies are custom tied. All the flies will have tab eyes instead of CCG eyes. The tab eyes are more durable. Contact us at to discuss your specifications.

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Olive, Rasta, Light, Black, Red Head

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