Peacock Clousers


Peacock Clousers

– Peacock Clousers Deep Minnows
– Colours for Peacock Bass
– Tied on Partridge hooks
– Tied with Snow Runner
– Flash tail

Custom Hand Tied Flies by Jaap Kalkman
In order to make custom fly production feasible and cost-effective there is a minimum order quantity of 6 per fly pattern.

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Peacock Clousers; Bob Clouser’s Deep Minnow is one of the most popular baitfish patterns and has proven it’s effectiveness over decades. It is applicable over a wide range of species and it’s slim profile and dumbbell eyes make it very effective for fast, deep fly presentation.

We have created a series of Clousers for Peacock bass that are basically a Clouser, except you could say that they are “souped up” Clousers. Flash tails and the use of Snowrunner make it more visible and durable.

Tied on high quality Partridge Predator Hooks. These flies are approximately 5″ long. This size of fly is great for average sized Peacock bass but will also work for large fish. It is also a great choice for those hot days when the Peacock bass are layed up in deep holes or when fishing fast along deep cut-banks.

Available on pre-order. They can be ordered directly from the site but there will be about 1 week for custom production.

Our Peacock Clousers are available in 6 different colour variations including: White, Black, Sand, Smoke, Rasta and Olive. The White and Sand variations are also great fly for saltwater applications. The Black variation is good for just about any species of fish.

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All our flies are Custom Hand Tied here in Smithers, BC, Canada by Jaap Kalkman. With a broad experience in commercial fly production, fly design, guiding and destination travel, Jaap will be able to help you with fly selection and tie the perfect flies for your next fly fishing adventure.

We have a selection of fly designs that you can choose from, or you can completely custom design your flies. Either way the flies will be tied for you by Jaap. To facilitate the ordering process you can simply order the flies that we have in our design selection from the site. Using our standard shopping experience with basket and secure checkout. If you want a customized design that is not in our selection simply contact Jaap:

Custom fly production takes time; we suggest to order your flies at least 2-3 months prior to your trip in order to make sure that your flies can be produced on time. When you place your order we will let you know when you can expect your flies to be ready. Waiting times most commonly vary between 2 weeks and 3 months. For big orders from Lodges and Guides and Outfitters we suggest to order your fly selections for the next season just after the current season.

In order to make custom fly production feasable and cost-effective there is a minimum order quantity of 6 per fly pattern.

The difference between a good angler and a great angler lies in the details. This goes also for fly designs. Attention to detail is what we do, from hook or tube selection to materials to the way the material are tied in to make them move the best. The end result is a fly that produces more strikes, the landing part is up to you!

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × .5 cm

Black, Olive, Rasta, Sand, Smoke, White

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