– baitfish patterns
– 8-9″ long
– balanced tubes
– cast easy
– large profile
– virtually indestructible

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I developed the “Tapam Special” for the tarpon fishing in Nicaragua’s Rio Grande. One of the main food sources for the giant tarpon that roam this estuary is mullet. To imitate the mullet I needed a big baitfish pattern that I could cast long distances, all day long. I used Snow Runner because it tends to keep a very nice profile in the water, yet flattens to a very aerodynamic profile for easy casting. The fly worked very well, it did the things I needed it to do and the tarpon loved it. Many of the early tarpon at the lodge were caught on this pattern. An article on the early stages of the pattern can be found here. Over time I changed the pattern to a tube fly. The main reason was to improve hook holds. The change to a tube brought some new challenges, the main one being the balance of the fly. After many trials we settled on our specially developed predator cones as a weight behind the Snow Runner brush, and a long over-wing. This adds just the right amount of weight for a balanced cast, and keeps the fly tracking correctly in the water.

For the eyes I have settled on tab eyes that are glued on. They are very durable.

The “Tapam Special” is the predecessor of the “King’s Candy”. The “King’s Candy” is basically a smaller version of the “Tapam Special”. Both patterns are great for any saltwater or freshwater baitfish imitation (Pike, Peacock Bass, Jacks, Tuna, Snappers, Golden Dorado, Rooster Fish, etc.). They are easy to cast, track great, virtually indestructible and can be fished with the appropriate hook for the target species.

The “Tapam Special” is approximately 8-9″ long. They are packaged individually. They come with a piece of junction tubing for those who like to connect the fly to the tube. The fly does not come with a hook. We suggest to fish it with hooks varying in size between 2/0 and 6/0, depending on the target species.

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Blue Runner, Herring, Mullet, Orange Yellow, Purple