Tube Starter Kit


– starter tube kit
– 1 adapter tube holder
– 3 mandrels
– 15 tubes

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Our awesome Tube Starter Kit! For those who are new to tube tying or those who want to sample some of the options that are available we have created a set of essentials to get going. The set consists of: 1 tube holder tool (fits all tubes), 3 tube mandrels for 1.8mm, 3mm and 4.1mm tubes, 15 assorted plastic tubes (1.8mm, 3mm and 4.1mm). This starter kit is ideal for those who are new to tube tying. The use of a tube holder prevents having to buy a new vise. Not only is it an economical way but it also has many benefits, such as being able to slide full length tubes in the holder and cut the tube to length after the fly is created. This is a practical and economical way to use the tubes. The tube holder will fit all vises. With this starter kit you can get going on tube fly tying and create a large range of patterns with different tube diameters. 

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