SRFS Machined Tube Mandrels


– High quality hardened steel machined mandrels
– 3″ angled or 6″ straight
– 3 diameters: 0.8mm, 1.6mm, 2.5mm
– Fit all SRFS tubes

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These are high quality steel machined tube mandrels. Because the machine tube mandrels are made of hardened steel they are much stiffer then standard tube pins. This makes these mandrels great for use with plastic tubes and provides a solid tying platform. The mandrels fit all 3 diameters of tubes that we carry. They are intended to be used with a feed through/clamp down vise or vise tool. The benefit of a feed through system is that full length tubes can be used and the tube can be cut to length after the fly has been tied. This saves material and is a more flexible method than pre-cutting to length. We carry the straight mandrels in 3 diameters 0.8mm. (fits 1.8mm tubes), 1.6mm (fits 3mm tubes) and 2.5mm (fits 4.1mm tubes). The angled mandrels are available in 1.6mm and 2.5mm.  Length specs: 6" long straight mandrels or 3" long mandrels with a 90 degree end. Some tiers like the no-clutter straight end and some like the 90 degree end to facilitate mandrel removal.

Available as singles, or packages of two angled mandrels or three straight mandrels.

Note: The 0.8mm mandrels are standard steel mandrels. At this diameter there is very little difference in rigidity between hardened and non-hardened steel and we can offer these mandrels at a more economical rate.

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Additional information

Weight 0.008 kg
Dimensions 24.5 × 8 × 0.03 cm

set of 3, set of 2, single


Angled, Straight


0.8 mm., 1.6 mm., 2.5 mm., VAR

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