Stinger/Intruder Loop Material


– Stinger/Intruder loop material
– Does not kink
– Does not wear
– Keeps hook in line
– Out-performs braids, wires and round monos
– 5ft per package



For many years we have experimented with a variety of loop materials for stinger/Intruder loops as used for Intruder/Stinger style flies. Historically braids are popular, in particular Spider Wire. However, all braids have the characteristic that they soak up water and become too limp to keep the hook in line with the shank. This is a common cause of solid bites that do not hook up; the hook dangles too low. The other alternative is steel, plastic coated, wire. This keeps the hook nicely in line but has some other issues; the plastic coating tends to break down and the junction area with the hook starts to bend and rust. It eventually becomes a weak point and fails. Thirdly, nylon loops of different varieties are used; mostly ordinary tippet material or shooting line. Again some issues with this; nylon tends to stretch and warp, particularly round nylon. Many nylons are too soft and do not keep the hook in line with the fly. Rio's slick shooter is a popular stinger material and is a good example of a nylon that is too soft for this purpose.

We utilize an oval, relatively hard nylon, that we custom dye. The oval hard nylon that we use allows the hook to ride perfectly in line with the fly and does not kink under stress. We have tested this loop material for many years and have found no flaws or failure.

Here is a good instructional blog on how to secure loop material to a shank. Your Stinger/Intruder loop material will come in a coiled 5 foot length. Because it has been stored like this for a prolonged period it will retain a coil if not properly stretched before working with it. Simply boil a small pot of water and let the leader material soak for a couple of minutes. Grab each end of the material and give it a good stretch. The material will be perfectly straight and remain so. Store it by hanging it straight/vertical.

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Black, Chartreuse, Kingfisher Blue, Orange, Pink, Set

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