Bull Elk Body Hair


Bull Elk Body Hair

– great for smaller steelhead/salmon patterns or trout flies
– large piece (approx. 4×4″)

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A long time favourite for smaller dry fly applications, elk hair is hollow, like deer hair, but smaller in diameter making it friendlier to use for smaller patterns. Generous pieces of approximately 16 square inches (sizes may vary depending on the quality of the hair). The pieces are tanned in such a way that the hide is not very flexible. Since the hide itself is not used this does not matter and saves on cost and is a less toxic process for the environment.

Natural bull elk hair is lighter in color and slightly longer than cow or yearling elk hair. While this hair is hollow and buoyant, the wall thickness near the tips prevents this hair from flaring much.This thick wall makes the hair durable. This is a hard hair, particularly near the tips, but as you get closer to the butt ends of the hair it gains inside diameter and flares well along its base.

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