Calf Body Hair


Calf Body Hair

– Calf Body Hair, Top Quality
– White
– Calf Hair is excellent for Fly Tying
– Available in 3.25 x 3.25″

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For wings on salmon and steelhead flies like bombers and Seek & Destroy patterns we like Calf Body Hair the best. It has the right amount of stiffness to maintain posted positions and it is soft enough to handle easy. Calf Body Hair is a bit straighter and more uniform than tail hair. We specifically source our Calf body hair for long hair length so that even for large patterns like Bombers the length is long enough. We use Calf Body Hair for our popular Seek & Destroy dry flies. Patches are  3.25 x 3.25".  Available in white. Some patches may have some black in it. If that is the case we add additional patches of white to compensate for the amount of black.

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