Maruto C46FW Shrimp Hooks


Maruto C46FW Shrimp Hooks, Caddis Pupa

– A shrimp and caddis pupa hook
– Light wire, bronzed, curved shank, down-eye
– Available in sizes: #12 and #14
– Top Quality Japanese Hooks
– Innovative features
– Hardened virgin high carbon steel

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Since 1892, Maruto Hooks continues a long tradition of producing a wide range of top-quality Japanese hooks for fresh and saltwater fishing. Innovators of some of the key advances in hook technology and manufacturing processes throughout the history of fishing – you can count on Maruto premium-quality hooks — trusted by anglers worldwide for more than 120 years.

With more than 120 years of tradition, Dohitomi & Co. Ltd. is one of the world’s leading hook manufacturers. With its brand Maruto having a historic past and a particularly innovative future – more experienced anglers are counting on the Maruto hook every day!

In 1854, Mr. Kodera Hikobe, learned the art of forging hooks. The high quality and reliability of his hooks became quickly well known and widespread as more fishermen learned of the maker’s constant focus on hook quality. In these early years of development, Mr. Hikobe was able to employ a reliable workforce able to develop a reputation of good service and a fast delivery guarantee. One of Mr. Hikobe’s confidants, Mr. Tomitaro Dohi, became his successor in 1892 and started the company Dohitomi & Co. Ltd.

Mr. Dohitomi pioneered the automatic hook production line in 1949 that helped ensure a more consistent quality of hook. For the first time in history, large quantities of hooks could now be delivered reliably and with standardized quality. With this innovation, Dohitomi & Company has received numerous awards and was honored by the Japanese Imperial Family in 1976.

Another breakthrough came in 1988 when Dohitomi & Co. introduced a new hook process that made it possible for a stronger hook with thinner diameter material. The constant innovation and foresight from this company has made it one of the top producers in the fishing hook industry. Under the brand name Maruto, and with more than 100 years of experience and quality production, Dohitomi is the absolute leader in hooks for the professional angler worldwide.

Made from the finest virgin-carbon steel for best quality, the Maruto hook features precise laser cutting of the hook point and is hardened through a heating and tempering process along with chemical baths for uncompromised strength. This treating and forging process ensures the strongest hook point for superior performance.

The Maruto SSC Needlepoint is superior to conventional hooks, with its needle tip and razor cut edge it penetrates with less resistance. Each forged hook is super sharp right from the package; do not file the point as this will degrade the strength and sharpness of the hook. You can rely on the Maruto hook for strength, sharpness and functionality – to catch more fish!

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#12, #14


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