Partridge X Predator Lock Bend


X Predator Lock Bend – Partridge Hooks

– Based on the Absolute Predator to provide a new format chassis for big predator flies
– Heavy wire, forged bend, micro barb, black nickel
– Ideal for any large baitfish design for trophy predator fish
– 6 hooks per pack
– Available in size: 10/0

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Hooks are a crucial aspect in a fly fisherman's equipment. Much depends on the capacity of a hook to grab hold and to stay secure once the hook is set. A hook also has to be strong enough to not bend out while fighting trophy sized fish.

Partridge of Redditch have been making high-performance hooks for serious anglers for a long time. Driven by an “anglers first” approach, integrating trends and feedback from the field with proprietary technology without compromise.

Hook making in Redditch was started with the existence of a large monastery at Redditch. The monks were reputed to have been skilled artisans and specialized metalwork was developed and refined.

The Partridge company has been established since 1836. This long history and the capacity to govern propriatory aspects of hook making has led to the well known quality of Partridge hooks.

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