Gen II Tab Eyes – 3D


Gen II Tab Eyes

– 3D are available in 8 mm eye size
– Gen II Tab Eyes come in 20 eyes per pack.
– new more durable tab

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Gen II Tab Eyes – 3D

Stick on eyes have the nasty habit of coming off, especially with toothy fish involved. In order to minimize this you can glue them down (we prefer a flexible water-proof glue). This helps but the edges of the eye still tend to get caught and the eye still is lost relatively quick. If you are like us, a fly without eyes is not quite the same... Eyes with tabs that are tied in at the front of the fly make the eyes much more durable.

The tab solves the problem of the eye getting caught at the leading edge. For years our first generation of tab eyes have served us well and we continue to use them. However, we are always trying to perfect our products and some tiers let us know that they like the idea of the tab eye but they don't like the look of the silver tab.

So we set off to design a tab eye with a transparent tab. Our new Gen II Tab Eyes are still 3D and allow you to place the eyes with ease, just like our standard Tab Eyes do, but the new tabs are transparent. While we were at it we slightly extended the tab for an even better anatomical placement of the eye. For smaller flies the tab can simply be shortened. The Tab Eyes are adhesive, but we recommend to glue them down. As an added benefit the new transparent tab is more durable, making this type of Tab Eye almost bomb proof for even the meanest fish.

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