Easy Shrimp Eyes


Easy Shrimp Eyes

– 9 colours
– Easiest way to produce consistent eyes on shrimp/crab patterns
– 10 per pack

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Easy Shrimp Eyes are designed to make tying with shrimp eyes as easy as possible for you.

Most tiers have experienced that the eyes can be tricky to sit properly on their shrimp flies. Either one eye goes a little more out or up than the other, or maybe you will experience that the eyes are out of shape when the fly is completed. Easy Shrimp Eyes will always be exactly the same length, and you can forget about spending a long time to get your eyes to sit perfectly.

The eyes are lightly flared out, and you can adjust them as needed, if you wish the eyes to sit closer to the body, then you can tie the thread a little beyond the eyes stalks, and then unite them slightly according to your wishes.

You can use several sizes of hooks for your flies, you can either choose to cut some of the tying surface off, or tie in the whole tying surface to get a little more volume on the body. The Easy Shrimp Eyes will cover a range of hook sizes, so despite the fact that Easy Shrimp Eyes is a one size product, they will cover most needs to tie a shrimp flies. Easy and simple.

Easy Shrimp Eyes are available in 8 colours, 3 transparent colours and 5 solid colours:

transparant: clear, red and brown

solid: black, fluorescent white, fl. yellow, fl. green, fl. orange, Glow In The Dark

The fluorescent and GID colours are particularly useful for low visibility conditions.

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Black, Clear, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent White, Fluorescent Yellow, Glow in the Dark, Transparent Red, Transparent Brown

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