DOT Tubes


– Drilled Out Tubes (DOT)
– 6mm
– Ideal for extremely small flies
– Ideal for small patterns with the use of salmon/steelhead hooks
– 10 per pack
– With or without flange
– Colours: brass, silver or black

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DOT Tubes (Drilled Out Tubes) were designed by our team member Colin Nicholl. On the River Tweed where he guides there is often need for very small low water patterns. In order to create a tube that is small enough and still allow the use of a relatively big hook, the rear of the cone has been drilled out. The hook will now sit further forward into the tube, rather than sticking too far out behind the fly. A simple but ingenious idea. If you fish very small tubes, these new Drilled Out Tubes are the ticket. DOT tubes are made from brass and are 6mm long. 10 per pack. Available with or without flange, in brass, black or silver. See more on Drilled Out Tubes here.

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Black, Brass, Silver


Flange, No Flange

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