Improved Tubes


Improved Tubes

– Available in 4 colours; silver, gold, black, copper
– Lengths of 10 and 15mm

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When tying on US Tubes (link) there is often a need to fill the leading edge of the US Tube with thread, in order to even out the junction with the 1.8mm liner tube (link). To facilitate this step we have created US tubes with a tapered edge on one side. Now the materials can simply tied against the tapered edge without having to build up a thread taper.

Our Improved Tubes come in silver, gold, black and copper. Available in lengths of 10 and 15mm. Like all our other metal tubes the Improved Tubes fit our 1.8mm plastic tubes. The outside diameter of the Improved Tubes is 3mm and is the same as our 3mm plastic tubes to allow smooth connections.

The best way to tie with these tubes is to slide them on a 1.8mm plastic tube, attach a Junction Tube (link) if desired and slide the assembled unit on a small mandril (link). Place a tube adaptor tool (link) in the vise and clamp down on the rear aspect of the 1.8mm tube and Improved Tube so that both parts are fixated.

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Black, Copper, Gold, Silver


5mm, 10mm, 15mm


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