– contains approximately 800 strands
– 1/69″ wide by 10″ long

We carry Hedron Flashabou in 6 variations:

  1. Original Flashabou - The original metallic tinsel flash. Contains approximately 1700 strands, 1/69" wide by 10" long.
  2. Holographic Flashabou - A 3D colour effect creates an extreme spectrum of light like no other. Contains approximately 800 strands, 1/69" wide by 10" long.  We commonly use this in our designs for flash tails.
  3. Mirage Blend Flashabou - Colour-shifting fibres blended with Flashabou for an amazing visual combination. Contains approximately 600 strands, 1/69" wide by 10" long.  Great for flank material on baitfish patterns.
  4. Mirage Flashabou - The flash that shifts and adapts to its surroundings like real bait fish. Contains approximately 500 strands, 1/69" wide by 10" long.
  5. Dyed Pearl Flashabou - Realistic pearl finish adds a touch of nature to every color. Contains approximately 1250 strands, 1/69" wide by 10" long. Great for a more subtle flash addition to a wide range of patterns.
  6. Pearl-A-Glow Flashabou - A Glow-in-Dark and Pearl Flashabou blend for an extremely effective fly or lure pattern.  The Glow strands catch the attention of fish from a greater distance as the flash and movement of the Pearl strands mimic an escaping bait fish.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Type of Flashabou

Dyed Pearl, Holographic, Mirage, Mirage Blend, Original, Pearl-A-Glow


Black, Chartreuse, Electric Blue, Fountain Blue, Light Blue, Ocean Green, Olive, Opal, Gold, Opal Holographic Silver, Kelly Green, Light Blue, Silver, Orange, Pink, Purple, Silver, Silver Ice, White

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