– Peccary Hair length approx. 2” – 5” (5 – 13cm)
– Patch size 4 sq. Inch (25 sq cm)

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Peccary Hair is an excellent material for two toned, buoyant dry fly bodies and tails.  Because the hair is hollow is has a high buoyancy. The two toned barring (may vary from patch to patch) makes for a nice, realistic looking body. Peccary is also great for use as feelers in saltwater patterns. We find working with the hair is much easier if the hair is soaked for approximately 20 minutes prior to tying. The hair will become much softer and easier to manipulate compared to not soaking the hair. Peccary hide pieces are sold in 2x2" squares.

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Note: Until further notice; NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE CANADA!

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