Nutria Sculpin


Nutria Sculpin

– Nutria Sculpin imitation
– Designed and custom tied by Alex Belonga
– Skittle Tube
– Nutria zonker
– Great for Great Lakes Steelhead, (Searun) Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Bass, etc.
– Nutria Sculpin come in Black, Grey and Olive

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The whole idea of tying a Munker style design like this was born out of the observation of a great guide and friend of mine in Canada. A huge majority of Great Lakes Steelhead and Atlantic salmon (and pretty much all species save our Great Lakes Chinook)  diet, is river baitfish like sculpins & darters, and other things like crayfish. Sculpin imitations seem to work well on a wide variety of species for us year round, and especially in the winter months when other patterns won’t make them move. (We are fishing 33-34deg water in the winter!!!).

The Nutria Sculpin is built on a Skittle tube. The reason I like the skittle tube is 3 fold:
1.) Skittle tubes provide a great balance to a fly, especially with larger steelhead/salmon hooks.
2.) you really need some weight to help the zonker and deer hair break the surface on these. The skittle tube weight is about perfect! The fly tracks with the sink tip in line.
3.) because of all this, it allows you to use really light tips to really heavy tips, you can even lengthen out your leader on clear water and the fly still is in the zone.

The other key ingredient for the Nutria Sculpin is the tapered strip of Nutria fur. Reasons for the nutria zonker:
1.) Nutria is a really unique spiky material not as common in North America. I love the buggy look, and it fights the current really well.
2.) it doesn’t hold water like a rabbit strip. This makes it easy to cast, even on scandi heads. It also helps it to sink better.
3.) if you look at it in the water, it just has a sculpin like look to it! I love it, it’s shiny and translucent like American Opposum, but more spiky with less underfur. Nutria is totally unique and really cool stuff.

We use the pattern primarily for Great Lakes steelhead, but it is also really effective on our Atlantic salmon in the fall (post spawn when they aren’t eating small bugs on the surface). It would be a great stream big trout pattern as well, no doubt.
For summer months, it really shines on bass, carp, and even Pike!

My first fish on my own tied fly came on a Munker style fly like these (although, not nearly as refined), in an olive scheme! I was hooked right away. We have also had some incredible days fishing these for steelhead! Really hard takes as well.
And for the winter months, due to the skittle tube, you can put the fly right in front of the fish’s face, this is imperative in really cold water.

The Nutria Sculpin design takes more time to tie than most flies and are all tied by Alex himself.

The Nutria Sculpin is available in three colour variations: black, olive and grey.

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Black, Grey, Olive


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