North American Opossum


Premium North American Opossum

– Canadian Winter Fur
– Great for zonker strips and flags
– Retains little water = easy casting
– Thin hide = easy tying, and less bulk
– Dyed over natural in brilliant colours

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Premium quality North American Opossum; Canadian winter fur. Dyed over natural in a wide variety of brilliant colours. Opossum is a great substitute for rabbit. Unlike rabbit it does not absorb water, which means that Opossum zonker strips are much easier to cast than rabbit strips. Opossum hides are quite thin and therefore easier to tie with less bulk. Opossum also has much longer guard hair than rabbit, making it much "buggier" in appearance. Have a look at the Magnum Opossum design from Chris George's Signature Series to check out the looks of it. We sell the Opossum in large patches of approximately 4" x 6". The use of hide patches allows you to cut your zonker strips the way you want; narrow/wide strips, flags, cross, etc.

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Banana, Black, Chartreuse, Fiery Brown, Hot Orange, Kingfisher Blue, Natural, Orange, Pink, Shell Pink, Silver Doctor Blue, Sunburst

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