Derek Barber Signature Series


Derek Barber Designed Flies

– Top quality Fishing Flies
– Designed and extensively tested by well known Skeena/Nass River guide Derek Barber

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Derek Barber is one of the top guides for the lower Skeena and Nass region. If he is not guiding, he can most of the time be found fishing for himself or with his wife Britany. For many years Derek has been tying custom flies for his clients. We are extremely happy to produce a signature series of flies for him. These are flies that are field tested; very, very, extensively. Proven, effective patterns for the Skeena and Nass region. The quality of the flies is second to none on the market. If you are traveling to the Skeena region Derek's flies are a big step towards a successful trip.

* NOTE: all tube flies come without a hook. We suggest a straight eye, off-set bait style hook, for connected rigging. For looped riggings we suggest a 45 degree up-eye, bait style hook, off-set, such as a Partridge Patriot Intruder hook. For dry flies we suggest the Partridge Patriot Stinger, inserted up-side-down.

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Little Black Muddler, Easy Rider, Derek's Pink Fly, Derek's Pink Fly Weighted, Derek's Black and Blue Weighted

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