– Robust scandi taper
– 36' length
– Durable polyurethane coating
– Multi tip system
– Direct contact core

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The DDC Connect RTG Multi Tip has been our long time favourite all-round steelhead line. This line has a robust scandi taper. It is longer then a Skagit and not as strongly tapered, yet it has sufficient taper to handle heavy flies and tips. With a floating tip it makes a good dry fly line. For versatility this line is hard to beat. The PU coating will last much longer the PVC coatings. The Connect lines have our popular DC (Direct Contact) core for better bite detection and control when casting. The Floating Bellies comes with 15’ long Floating-S1/ S2 & S4/S5 Tips in a wallet. The Intermediate Bellies are configured with 15’ long Intermediate, S2/S3 & S5/S6 Tips in a wallet. All Tips are looped and connect easily to the main belly.

Double Hand DDC Connect RTG specs:
# 8/9; 11,0 meters/36 feet; 31 grams/478 grains; Tip only = 8 gram.
# 9/10; 11,5 meters/38 feet; 35 grams/540 grains; Tip only = 10 gram.
#10/11; 12,0 meters/39 feet; 42 grams/617 grains; Tip only = 12 gram.



Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Line Size

#8/9 DH

Sink Rate

Floating Belly, Intermediate Belly