3 mm Plastic Tubes


3 mm plastic tubes

– Best all-round tube
– 3 mm Plastic Tubes Available in many colours, including Glow in the Dark and Glitter
– Fits our large hole beads and cones
– can be used on its own or in combination with our 1.8mm inner tubes
– 10-pack of 20 cm (8″) 3 mm plastic tubes

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3 mm Plastic Tubes - Fly Tying Tubes

These are our standard tubes that are used to tie most tube flies. Available in a great variety of colours, including Glow In the Dark (GID) and glitter tubes. The use of these tubes mostly eliminates the need for body dressings, unless the tier fancies a more elaborate body. The tubes are "semi-rigid", which means that they are not so soft that they tend to bend under the strain of casting, but they still have some flexibility which allows the hook to be inserted in the 3 mm tube, without the use of a Junction Tubing.

They are very durable. They can be combined with our 1.8 mm inner-tubes to create small heads or they can be combined with any of our metal tubes, cones or beads. They tubes come in a 10-pack of 20cm (8") long tubes, which will be good for about 50 flies. After trying many different tubes over many years this is what we have settled on as the best all-round tube.

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Weight 0.004 kg
Dimensions 32 × 15 × 2 cm

Black, Black Glitter, Blue, Blue Glitter, Chartreuse Gold Glitter, Clear, Clear Black Glitter, Clear with Gold Glitter, Clear Pink, Fluorescent Orange, Fuchsia Glitter, Glow In the Dark Chartreuse, Glow In the Dark Yellow, Green Glitter, Pearl Glitter, Pink Fuchsia Glitter, Purple Glitter, Roe Pink Gold Glitter, Roe Pink Pink Glitter, Salmon Roe, Silver Glitter, Transparent Pink Pale Pink Glitter, Violet Glitter, Yellow

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