Welcome to the fly fishing blog page of Skeena River Fly Supply.  One of the things we truly enjoy is innovation in the world of fly fishing, and fly tying in particular. On this page you can read and participate in blogs on the latest activities from the SRFS Pro-Team.

How To Rig Hooks with “Tapam Special” Tube Flies

The “Tapam Special” is a large baitfish pattern that I developed for the big tarpon at Tapam Lodge in Nicaragua. One of the reasons for using a tube fly is better hook holds. When tarpon jump and shake their head the big flies add leverage to the light hook holds and this can force the […]

How to choose the best Double Handed Fly Rod and Line combination for Steelhead.

The selection of a good rod and line combination can be challenging. I commonly get requests from clients to check their rod and line combination and help them out with proper set up. With the increasing variety of rods and lines on the market, rod and line selection is becoming even trickier. I am going […]

Steelhead Fly Pattern Variation – Does It Matter?

In steelhead fly fishing there appear to be two schools of thought; the first school attributes very little importance to the fly pattern and supporters will argue that presentation is what mostly counts. The second group subscribes to the idea that the fish will react to different colours and patterns in different ways. The more […]

The Franc ‘n Snaelda “Crustacean” and “Iron Maiden”

Experimenting with new fly patterns is one of the many aspects of fly fishing that I enjoy. Our sport has endless opportunities to learn and explore the mysterious world of fish. Many years ago I started experimenting with known Atlantic salmon patterns. Two of the patterns I was quite interested in were the Frances and […]

End of Season – Start of an Adventure

Here is a link to a blog article by Guideline Power Team member Kalle Grahn. It is a nice overview of the equipment to bring and has some great BC steelhead fishing images. End of season – start of an adventure

How To Tie the Tapam Special

The giant jungle tarpon in Nicaragua feed on variety of bait. The waters are rich in shrimp which can be productive at times. The main attraction for fly fishermen is the explosive surface feeding on mullet. A hunting group of large tarpon feeding on mullet is a very special thing to watch. Think rainbow trout […]

Jaap’s Kung Fu Fishing Wisdoms

When you guide long enough you will learn that guiding is as much about understanding people as it is about understanding the fish. The first one has proven much more challenging. In many ways the years spent on the river can be viewed as a parable of life. Here you will find a collection of […]

Recipe: Baby Rooster

This is a one image recipe for a Baby Rooster baitfish pattern. It is mostly constructed from Snow Runner. A brush for the body and an over-wing. This is a great all-round baitfish concept. It creates a fly that tracks and swims great, is easy to cast yet has a huge profile. The Snow Runner […]

Fly Fishing for Spring-Run Steelhead

Fly Fishing for Spring-Run Steelhead The early signs of spring’s arrival on the North Coast of British Columbia start in March, when the days noticeably lengthen and the sun regains some of it’s warmth that helps peel away the coat of snow that blankets the valley floors. The rivers open up as the ice breaks […]

How to rig tube flies

As tube flies are becoming more popular we see an increase in types of tubes and the ways that they are rigged with a hook. For the angler starting out with tube flies this can be a bit confusing. In this article I will summarize the most popular ways of rigging tube flies and when […]

Peter Ohlsson

  Since the mid 90’s salmon and sea trout have been my main focus and occupy all my interest and spare time. After the first salmon was caught I wanted more and I think the pursuit for perfection or ways to increase my chances has been shaping me as an angler. I am blessed to […]

The “King’s Candy” Bait Fish Pattern

Chinook salmon, also known as King Salmon, are 100% piscivores; that means they only forage on bait fish. The most common bait fish that they feed on is the Pacific Herring. It is therefore rather surprising that fly patterns for Chinook Salmon in general do not imitate a baitfish. Common patterns that are used are […]

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